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"I have always felt my father's love, but I've never seen what it looks like to someone else; until I saw you pick up Dasch last night and carry him out of the hall." She squeezed his shoulder. "Thank you. I've rarely seen anything so moving, or beautiful."

我一直感受到我父亲对我的爱意,但从没见识过父爱在他人眼中是什么一回事——直到昨晚我目睹你从厅中把小熌抱起并带走的那一幕。」她握紧他的肩膀。 「谢谢你,那么动人美丽的情境我一生中真算少见。


Sorrifa Wugan
鸾花 - Luan Hua

Youngest daughter to Chief Loron Wugan of the Terrin Folk. Little sister to Favored Mistress. Tall enough to ride a lesser Akaring War Horse, like Bright Morn's. Swordswoman, archer, fighter, and lover for the right person. Afraid of little, proud, determined and fascinated by a warrior who threatens to take her father's head, and means it, should he try to take the man's son away.

Her first sight of Bright Morn is with the handprint of her sister's slap across his cheek. Her most memorable sight is him scooping up his adopted son, defying anyone to object or try to take him from him. Despite the possibility of losing Dasch, Morn's first sight of Sorrifa makes him feel as if his heart stopped beating. 

She does not know who she loves more, the man or his son, and is determined to make them both hers, as wife and mother and will fight and protect them any way she can.

There is gossip and legends about what happens to a man when he makes love to a Terrin Woman. There are other legends too. Some never spoken of, some shared only at the right time.

Morn is in for the ride of his life.

垒壤族人的五感首领最年少的女儿。 宠惠夫人的妹妹。身高足以骑一匹像昶始的小广溢战马。女剑士、射手、战斗者;人选合适的话,爱人。恐惧心低,自信心高,坚决心强。若她父亲试图带走他的儿子,昶始敢当把他砍头;而她对这个有要胁性的战士感到兴趣。





Translation by: M. Yim

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