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Laura Mann Weed - Goodreads

You can read this incredible book at on Fictionate. The book is serialized by chapter with one new chapter daily, Volume I is now complete and Volume II is being uploaded daily.

This book just has heart. Part Fritz Leiber, part David Eddings, part Indiana Jones with a great feel for realistic battle scenes; touching relationships between friends, family, parent/child, and so many more; a healthy amount of sardonic wit, and terrific descriptions all around. The world-building is solid and holds together well, the character development is wonderful. The adventure is fun, interesting, and keeps you on your toes. I couldn't put it down and have voraciously consumed all of Vol I and what there is of Vol II in a very long night of reading that made me late for work the next day!

Can't say enough wonderful things about this work. Look for it to be a blockbuster movie and/or a top-selling video game someday. 

M. Berry 2nd review, 2nd reading, 2nd Season - FB

I am enjoying my re-read of Bright Morn of Issareth, book 2. There are such fun, spots of comic relief. Favorite Mistress getting Morn's attention with a shot across the bow. Then her father noticing the hand print. "Not fully trained yet?" 29 year old male. Takes a while to train them. Fits with the story, not an abuse issue. Trust me it is necessary comic relief in that chapter.


Old God and Morn are extremely protective of the household members. Hurt one at your own risk. The father is a man you want to call Brother or Cousin. Start with book 1, Waiting impatiently for book 3 later this month. You will be able to join me screaming when the chapter ends on a cliff hanger.

M. Berry - Facebook page w/ links

I need to gush over a novel for a minute. I have been reading it on a daily installment basis and screaming DAMN YOU WOMAN quite often. It is fun. Allowing for all the stress we have been under we need something to distract our minds.


Some days I'm almost in tears; biting my nails waiting for the next installment; literally laugh out loud. It is entertaining and a good story to keep your attention. Book 2 is coming to a close and I know I will have to wait a few weeks to start book 3. It is a fantasy setting, with no magic, but some special abilities in a few people. 

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