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    "You're not really eighty-seven, are you?" He asked Old God.

   The old man laughed. "A hundred and eighty-seven. But I don't tell the general public. They don't take news like that well."

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Old God Godlynthe

Old God tells people he has lived in the Manor for his past two lifetimes.  Of course, he tells Favored Mistress it has been the last five lifetimes, and who knows what he tells others. In truth, it has been a long, long time.

The fact is, his personal roots run deep in this land; deeper than anyone can imagine, deep enough that there are things he is not sure of, and he wants desperately to learn them. 

Old God Godlynthe is a 187-year-old Calaryn. He knows his past lives, he knows his abilities, he knows a great deal about the history of his people, and not enough. He wants to learn more before this life ends so he can spend his next life unlocking secrets that have eluded him.

Then Bright Morn of Issareth shows up. "Morn" is not a normal Calaryn name. Old God has never heard of Issareth. But most of all, Bright Morn exhibits abilities he has not encountered before, and there is, of course, the mysterious red leather book of Pale Morn of Issareth.

When he first found Bright Morn, he thought life was going to take an interesting turn. So far, he has not been wrong. 

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