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"Old God, he's awake." The voice was soft, melodic, warm. He turned his head to find it. A woman older than the first woman smiled at him. Her face reflected an artist's interpretation of breathtaking beauty that embodied calm serenity. He fell instantly in love and longed to crawl into her embrace for the rest of his life; no matter how long or short it was.


Favored Mistress - Marinella Wugan

Terrin Folk women choose their men, and there is no changing their minds. Favored Mistress chose Old God Godlynthe when she was fifteen and he was still married to his wife of many years. When she learned of the wife's death, she set up camp outside the Manor gates. No matter how many times she returned, he sent her back to her parents. Then, one day, he relented and accepted the fate a Terrin Woman offers a man.

She runs the Manor, and everything around her, with a gentle touch and a serene smile. There is little she is not aware of, and once under her wing her protection is complete.

Terrin Women know things. Terrin Women feel things. They are connected to things Calaryns can only dream about, and they are the perfect match for a Calaryn man, whether he wants to admit it or not. 

The arrival of Bright Morn was not a surprise. His willingness to stay was not a surprise, either. What was a surprise was her younger sister's interest in him. Something she did not see coming, but something she supports. 

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