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"I remember, you know."

Morn could not move for a moment. Did he really remember his past, and who whipped him?

"When Otts and his dogs found me. I remember my face was in the grass. It smelled wonderful. I don't know how I got there. I hurt. Everything hurt."



Young Dasch was found in the center of a field a week before it snowed. It was evident he had been there a few days. His overall condition left everyone wondering if he would survive. He had been whipped by a razor whip. He was skin and bones; bruised, beaten, and starved.

His scars ran deeper than the physical. He was terrified to be alone. If he woke in the night and no one was there, he would scream until someone came to comfort him. Quite often residents of the Manor would wake up in the morning to find him in bed with them.

He ate everything they gave him and would steal more to hide it. It took a lot of effort to teach him not to lick his plate when he was finished eating.

He could speak but did not know his name. He thought it was "boy," or "louse," because those who mistreated him called him that, he thought. In time, as he recovered physically, he was constantly on the move and thus earned the name "Dasch." 

His discovery was reported to the authorities but by then it was too late, he was the child of the Manor and none, from the dishwasher to Favored Mistress would allow anyone to take him away or mistreat him again. 

Old God and Favored Mistress continued to worry about him, wondering if someone might want him or try to take him. They felt he was part of a bigger mystery and was never out of sight from anyone in the Manor.

When Bright Morn arrived Favored Mistress relaxed and said, "a lost soul knows his father."

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