"Am I dead?" He asked.
"Not yet," Old God answered. 

Bright Morn of Issareth

Serialized Wuxia-inspired Fantasy Web Novel

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Sept. 2022
Bright Morn


I, II, III & IV at Amazon: Kindle Vella or click on the volume covers

Bright Morn, the Calaryn. Reborn every 200 years - provided a spear, arrow or sword doesn't cut his life short. Reborn when his wife, or any willing human woman, absorbs his soul and gives birth to him again.

Bright Morn's wife in his last life became his mother in this, but died before she could train him in the ways of the Calaryns. He never thought he was anything other than human, until puberty let loose the Calaryn genes, and then he thought he was an abomination.

Circumstances in this life see him as a wandering warrior with a sword for hire. A chance fall from his horse, a broken arm, and the death of ten robbers delivers him into the hands of Old God Godlynthe, another Calaryn, soon facing his own natural demise and eager to learn more about his people. Joining them is Dasch, a young boy found starving, whipped, and abandoned in a field, also seeking knowledge of who, and what, he is.