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(Please note: Seasons/Volumes in which the characters first appear after the 1st one are denoted in color at the end of their description.)



Bright Morn of Issareth (30): ( 昶始 Chang Shi ) A Calaryn Warrior, an injured man unofficially adopted as a nephew of Old God Godlynthe and seeking his past. He is approaching his 30th birthday, the first month will be spent in confinement as he will be in a catatonic state, lost and reliving the memories of his past lives. All Calaryns are half human and have heightened abilities. Morn is unaware of many of his and knows little of what it means to be a Calaryn, something Old God will rectify. 

Dasch (13): His past is unknown. He was found in a field by Old God's men; whipped, starved, barely clothed and near death. Old God has been raising him since then, until Morn joins the household and adopts him. (sorry - spoiler)

Old God Godlynthe (187): A Calaryn Scholar. Calaryns live to 200, die and are reborn, often times their wives become their mothers in their next life. Old God is nearing the end of this life, seeking his race's history. He has lived in the Manor through several lifetimes, never really telling the truth as to how many lifetimes. He knows that life as it is, is about to change when he finds Morn, and many questions they both have, may well be answered. He thought he knew all his abilities, until Bright Morn showed up.

Favored Mistress (Marinella Wugan Age 35): A Terrin Folk woman. The Mistress and love of Old God. She has never revealed all the secrets of the Terrin Folk. 

Second Mistress (Iliany - age 21): Swordswoman of the Godlynthe Manor (possible mother to Old God when he dies and is reborn) Her past was rough, Old God rescued her and she is devoted to him and the Manor.

Shadow Child: The Shadow being under the care of Second Mistress. 

Otts: Valet to Old God and Uncle of Peng. Diminutive man, calm and collected, and always a surprise.

Tulac: Head guard to Bright Morn, husband to Hila. Resolute, wise, solid, skilled swordsman.

Hila: Wife of Tulac, Head Housekeeper for Bright Morn's household. Sings like an angel, gentle as a zephyr, protective of those she loves, deadly accurate with a throwing knife.

Shoen (23): Second guard to Bright Morn and tutor to Dasch. A scholar who would rather live an active life than bury himself in books.

Peng (16): Valet to Bright Morn and Dasch, Nephew to Otts. Wise beyond his years. (Vol II)

Mistress Sul: Accountant to the Household of Bright Morn. Still waters run deep. (Vol II)

Lily: Second Maid in Household Bright Morn (and love interest to Shoen). A tag team in agility with Dasch when it comes to defending the Manor. 

Chief Loron Wugan: Father to Favored Mistress, Sorrifa, Rof and Bai Wugan and Chief of the Terrin Folk. A giant of a man with a heart as big. Self-proclaimed Second Father to Dasch. (Vol II)

Lady (Chieftess) Wugan: Wife of Loron, Mother to Favored Mistress, Sorrifa, Rof and Bai. A force to be reckoned with. (Vol II)

Sorrifa Wugan (22): Daughter to Chief Wugan and younger sister to Favored Mistress. Love interest to Bright Morn. Morn will find out about some of her Terrin Folk women's secrets, not all unpleasant. (Vol II)

Rof Wugan (30): Son to Chief Wugan and Younger Brother to Favored Mistress, older brother to Bai and Sorrifa. (Vol II)

Bai Wugan (20): Son to Chief Wugan and Youngest Brother to Favored Mistress, Rof and Sorrrifa. (Vol II)

Doctor Larmen: Doctor to the Terrin Folk. Fussy, diminutive, quick and lays down the law. (Vol II)

Taybo Walnor: Little boy stolen from the Terrin Folk. (Vol II)

Sergeant Abin Lume: Sergeant in the local Garrison, loves Second Mistress.

Commander Hue Boigen: Commander of local military Garrison, Brother-in-law to Chancellor Jabot, brother of Ezella Jabot.

Chancellor "Gally" Jabot: local political man.

Ezella Jabot: Wife to Chancellor, erratic herbalist, excitable, unhappy, Mother to Amana.  

Amana Jabot (20): Daughter to Chancellor and Ezella Jabot. Smitten with Bright Morn, almost fatally so for him.

Adjutant Dorik Zin (30): Adjutant to Commander Boigen. A very different man than anyone expects.

Rof Dalan: Blacksmith from Bright Morn's childhood. Big, effusive and loving.

Derrie Dalan: wife to Rof Dalan and unoffical mother to Morn.

Kathin Dorrin (34): A Calaryn Scholar of the dead clan Bermon with a weak human body. Accepting to not living long. (Vol II)

Gemara Dorrin: Wife to Kathin, warrior, quiet, loving, fierce, sometimes thief. (Vol II)

Juella: Wife to Bright Morn in another life. (Vol II)

Enia (5): Young daughter to Bright Morn in another life. (Vol II)

Wila Ernen: Wife to Bright Morn in another life, mother to Jal & PinPin (Vol III)

Jal and PinPin (10): Twins to Bright Morn in another life.

Doma and Cici Hallon: Father and Daughter Terrin Folk. (Vol II)

Leena and Melle: Young female kidnappers. (Vol II)

High Commissioner Eaglen: Old friend and chess buddy of Old God. Mentioned in Vol. I, II, III.

Venik: Corporal under Zin and Lume. (Vol III)

Wraith: Feral, wild woman with an interest and connection to Dasch. (Vol III)

The Girl: Wraith daughter (Vol III)

Mistress Prene:  Artist now at the Manor to take care of the art and antiques. (Vol III)

Dmini:  Guard in Morn's confinement. (Vol III)

Gref: Soldier with Morn at the Pit. (Vol II)

Sergeants & Lieutenants: Various men through the books always during Morn's memories of army life.

Army Doctors: Various through Morn's memories.

BOOK IV PALE MORN - The Red Book - Part I

Pale Morn of Issareth: The man in the book / Calaryn 

Saintess Evola Morn of Issareth: Pale's Wife-Mother - Human


Reena: Herbalist and flower stall owner who becomes the herbalist to the Palace. Ariella's mother. 

Sargeant Baark:  Pale's elite man – older, wiser

Lieutenant Geles:  Pale's elite man – slightly older, handsome 

Commander Harrick:  A commander of Pale Morn's army

Surgeon/Doctor:  Head physician to the Morn family/army

Jameil:  Young guard of the elite squad of Pale

Tollem:  Young guard of the elite squad of Pale

Mo Wyyn:  Rebel against the old Emperor – at first heads her own squad of Mo Zhanji (Mo Fighters)

Mo Elia:  Sister to Mo Wyyn and Mo Talia

Mo Talia: Youngest sister to Mo Wyyn and Mo Elia heads the Wuding Hua

Arriff Omone of Umgarneth:  Half Calaryn -121 yrs old. with a unique disability – related to Mo Wyyn.

Lt. Mya Snow:  Wunding Hua member promoted to personal guard of Emperor Pale (now 50)

Sgt. Dom Braak:  Son of Sgt. Braak – promoted to personal guard of Emperor Pale (now 50)

The Figure (aka Tio):  Guardian of the caves

Yan Lii - "Yanli"":  Inn Keeper of the Mountain Monastery roadside Inn: Middle Aged, amiable, caring.

The Elites:  Elite guards of Pale Morn (now 50 and later)

Mo Zhanji or Mo Fighters:  Fighting group under Mo Wynn made up of housewives, shop keepers etc. The street fighters organized to fight the criminals that prey on the citizens. (Established in Pale Morn's 20's)

The Wuding Hua or Roof Flowers:  soldiers led by Mo Talia that patrol and parkour the rooves of the emperor's city. Two companies, 200 each, one on the ground, one on the roof. They trade off roof and ground details. (Established in Pale Morn's 20's)

Sgt. Serna:  Pale Morn's personal guard when he is 70. A capable young woman highly talented in martial arts.

Lt. Qin:  Pale Morn's personal guard when he is 70. A capable young man highly talented in martial arts and disguise.

Commander Corom:  Terrin, older brother to Evola, Chief of the Terrin, Uncle to Pale Morn when he is 70.

Mala:  Young Terrin solder under Commander Corom for Pale Morn at 70.

The Young Soldier:  A young soldier in Pale's army when he's 70.

BOOK V PALE MORN - The Red Book - Part II

Sgt. Yenna: (20's) Great-grandaughter to Lt. Geles. Former Wuding Hua.

Lt. Braak: (20's) Great-grandson to St. Braak.

Bellia:  (40's) Head Concubine to Pale in his 120th year.

Lei Tam: (20's) Bellia's maid "Little Tam" small, wiry, former Wuding Hua.

Petl: (20's) Bellia's second maid. Sweet and adorable and former Mo Zhangji.

Minister Flik: (50's) Minister of Public Works. Nick name Flicker

Historian Menfi: (20's) Obsessive about the history of Pale Morn.

Tio 2 (ageless): No one knows if it's the same person from 50 years ago.

Hahm Jun: (late teens) Young guard

Renn Hu: (early 20's) Young guard

Tzu Eaglen: (20's) Grandson to High Commissioner Eaglen (Vol. I) Extreme martial artist, scholar, studies ancient Calaryn languages, suffers from old head injury. In Bright Morn's world.

BOOK VI PALE MORN - The Red Book - Part III

The Young Storyteller aka Zhou Jai (late 20's): traveling storyteller sampling the world, learned and well-traveled. Rarely does anything escape his notice.

Fateful: Old traveling woman, trainer of the fisher bird, from the north with an important secret.

Abernynthe: Fateful's giant bird who nests on top of her caravan.

Arriff II: Arriff Omone of Umgareth -  reborn.

Lieutenant Eja: Lieutenant to Pale Morn at 295.

Sgt. Chen: Sergeant to Pale Morn at 295 and designated woman to bring him back.

Concubine Liul: One of the last five of Pale Morn's concubines at 295.

Eunuch Fu: Older, been around for years and is also a good friend.

Susu: Arriff's young, sharp-tongued maid when Pale is 295 and Arriff (the second) is 175.

Old He: engineer and weapons master for Old God.

Old Granny: Old woman of the farming community surrounding The Manor.

The Bastard: Old enemy of Old God.



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