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Bright Morn of Issareth
A master swordsman, reincarnating every 200 years:
his lives, adventures, wives, and search for home.

Available on:
Neovel is a fabulous serial site based in France, with excellent features that readers will, we hope, delight in:
Art will now be incorporated into the chapters.

Traveling between the volumes is as effortless as clicking
on the next chapter.

You can comment on a chapter, or a paragraph if you wish. 
There are emojis to express your feelings and rating stars.

You can review the whole or chapters of the piece.
And much more.
Volume I - The Arrival, Vol. II - The Journey, Vol. III - The Awakening & Volume IV - The Red Book - Part I  have been uploaded.
We're working on Vol. V - The Red Book - Part II, 

uploading 2+ chapters daily.
Please note: Bright Morn VI & VII will continue to be available on Kindle Vella for a few months more.

Vol. 4, Chp 302 It Was Missing.png
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Our fabulous artist, Rachel Anne Jones has battled through long Covid and produced a beautiful new cover for Volumes VII - North. We love it!

Movie Posters Vols. I & II
Movie poster facebook size height 1080 no vella.png

When one of
Bright Morn's 
Fans Takes it
social media
Thank You 

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Please Note: Bright Morn will be moving completely to Neovel by the end of 2024.

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