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Newsletter for newsletter haters:

This "newsletter" is not your usual type. Basically it's going to be bullet points and naught else. Maybe some art from Bright Morn, and today maybe I'll put in a picture. But right now, some stuff you might want to know:

  • I don't do "magnet" stories

  • I don't do freebees/swag (if I have to bribe you to read my work I'm not doing a good job)

  • All the artwork on the Bright Morn site is available on Red Bubble (and I have legal copyright to it)

  • I don't read other people's manuscripts (legal issues there)

What I will do on the newletter

  • Let you know if anything new is coming up for Bright Morn

  • Show off a picture of my cat once in awhile

  • Put up a photo from my Pixabay page once in awhile

  • Put up links I think you might like

THAT SAID here's what's new

  1. Nothing really. I'm still working on Bright Morn Vol. 6 although I hope to wrap it up by the end of September.

  2. Possibility of moving Bright Morn 7 to a Patreon account. Haven't made up my mind.

  3. Below is a picture of my cat:

  4. Below that is a picture from my Pixabay account (that is for sale via donation - check my page out, the pictures are all there for you to use if you like.

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