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While out and about with a friend visiting from England, we were going through Seattle's large public market. Trust me you can find anything there.

At the same time my artist Rachel Anne Jones and I are working on a new series of posters but we have not been able to find a good brush stroke font for Bright Morn. I don't want something mechanical or super precise. I want something that has "age" to it.

While at the market my friend and I found a wonderful traditional Chinese art artist who also did calligraphy. I've always wanted to have Bright Morn's name done by someone to frame it and put it next to a poster or two. So I showed the gentleman Bright's name from the website and he wrote the characters for me.

When I got home I took a few photos and shipped them off to Rachel telling her this was the type of brush stroke I was looking for.

The last blog showed you what it looked like "in the raw" and then we both started playing with it. I needed a new, quick promo piece for the various Facebook pages I belong to and made something, but altering the color and dropping out the background. Then I put it against a stock background and then I started feeling really guilty about using characters without attributing the calligraphy to the artist. I have a friend who works at the market and she found the gentleman for me. Let me introduce you to the beautiful work of: Jin Bao Shun. I am so lucky to have found him.

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