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Bright Morn is now International!

This is a very short blog, remember my first one where I said I would be erratic with these, well, this is proof.

There is lots of news, Volume VII is up and running, but due to Rachel's long Covid the cover is not done yet. Which, by the way, I'm fine with that. I would rather her safe and healthy to do more art for me later, than have a relapse and not be able to work or enjoy life.

We have been working on a series of "Movie" Posters for the serial and completed Vol I and II, but since my big news this weekend, we have to revamp the posters a little. I'll post them here when they're done.

And, yes, the big news is that we've hooked up with a serial platform in France so we now are international for people to read the Bright Morn story. We will be remaining on Vella but in the meantime check out Currently Bright Morn Vol I is loaded in and I've started on Vol. II. Eventually, over the next few months I hope to have all of the volumes there. But in the meantime, do check out the platform, they have a lot more of the long-ass serials we all love so well.

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